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Marketing materials should aim at creating a precise image of the capabilities of your organization and your Annual Report expresses your success story in the most convincing way to your stakeholders and customers. It’s an opportunity to solidify your stance and pave the way for future business and investments.

At Spunk & Glam , our friendly team can help you design and print your annual report, with great services that include:

  • Designs that reflect the culture of your organization
  • Brand- Boosting layouts
  • Compelling images
  • Finishing and binding

Finishing Options

  • UV coating protects your report and gives it a finished look
    • Aqueous is a varnish that is applied to the paper as your report is printed
    • UV is a laminate that is applied to your printed pages and then cured using ultraviolet light
  • Perfect binding is done using glue and is ideal for larger books
  • Saddle-stitching is more economical than glue, as a staple is inserted in the center of the book
  • Side-stitching uses staples to bind the book from front to back
  • Die-cutting a window in the cover of your report or cutting the edges of the pages can make sections easier to find