Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing allows your company to interact with members of your targeted audience in a direct, efficient and effective manner. The time it takes for people to respond to your messages is faster than ever, meaning you'll get real-time results on the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.


Schedule and send promotional texts and multimedia messages directly to customers and prospects

Mobile Websites

Optimize your website and create mobile-friendly pages for smartphones, tablets and mobile users

QR Codes/MS Tags

Enhance business cards, magazine ads, direct mail pieces and posters with QR codes and MS tags

Mobile Apps

Create mobile apps to liven campaigns, contests or websites for both android and IOS systems

Mobile marketing has jumped to the forefront for companies who need to reach out to their most active customers. Spunk & Glam can assist you with all elements of a cohesive mobile marketing plan, including the use of:

By engaging in the latest technology and best mobile marketing practices, we'll keep you connected with customers in a whole new way. If you'd like to start interacting with your key audiences, work with Spunk & Glam .

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Direct mail
QR codes can be printed on direct mail pieces to drive the consumer to an online medium where more efficient tracking is available and further engagement with the end-user is possible. Create an opt-in option on printed communications to drive customers to follow you on their mobile devices.

Add short codes to create engagement from viewers for promotions, opportunities to win something, or to sign up to receive valuable information or discounts. QR codes are a great way to engage with a viewer immediately, but adding an element that allows them to visit a website or other online medium by scanning the code on the sign (whether it is just outside a location, at a tradeshow, or some other advertising location) encourages participants to continue the conversation.

QR codes can be added to newsletters to direct the reader to either a mobile site for more information, or social media to follow a company or individual via their mobile device. An SMS strategy can be added to a newsletter to promote a survey or competition that makes it easy for the reader to engage beyond the printed piece, and provide valuable feedback or a new way to communicate with them going forward.


Creating a mobile version of your traditional website will allow more flexibility for users to visit on-the-go and through a medium that best suits them. You can also integrate mobile campaigns with websites through HTML and Flash widgets.

Social media
SMS/text messaging and mobile applications are a great way to drive people to a business’s social media presence (specifically Facebook). This can be accomplished by texting “like” and the Facebook “username” to 32665. Mobile apps can have links added to drive users to a Facebook page or “Like” right from the application. In addition, mobile apps generally offer the option to import an RSS feed, which integrates with Facebook and Twitter updates with the app.

Email marketing
Use email marketing to communicate an SMS campaign or customer loyalty program to a customer. Since SMS/text requires an opt-in from the customer, you can communicate the opt-in via e-mail marketing to existing customers. In addition, applications can have imported lists of contacts, allowing a user to quickly and easily email someone in the business if they have more questions or would like someone to follow up with them immediately.

Personalized URLs & Generalized URLs
You can also integrate mobile campaigns with websites through HTML and Flash widgets.