Posters are a good medium to engage your clients and to grab their attention. Posters can range in size and format, Spunk & Glam helps you choose the right fit to take your ideas and change those into results.

At Spunk & Glam , we deploy state of the art designing and printing tools, to help you create effective posters that meet your messaging needs.
Our services include:

  • Rich, full color or black and white prints
  • A variety of shapes and sizes
  • Paper stock to give your posters a professional finish
  • Various mounting options to help your poster stand on its own


  • Choose sizes from 18 x 24 inches up to 104 inches wide by 30 feet long or more
  • Development of total corporate identity packages to help build your brand
  • Full color or black and white printing on the latest digital equipment
  • Design your own posters or ask our marketing team for help
  • Full-service options that include design, printing, packaging and delivery