Create a marketing experience that is engaging, interactive and provides your customers with the information you need them to know, by combining text, pictures, and video through e-publications

E-Publications communicate key messages to audiences in a substantive, interactive way. Ranging from white papers to newsletters, publishing your material online will help your targets better understand your company, as well as the services it provides.

E-Publications are a great way to tell your story in a more substantive and comprehensive way. The marketing team at Spunk & Glam can help you with all types of E-Publications, including:

  • White papers
  • Case studies
  • Brochures
  • Newsletters
  • eBooks​

To learn more about what interactive media can do for your company, contact the marketing professionals at Spunk & Glam today.

When you work with Spunk & Glam , we'll guide you through the entire process of creating unique and engaging e-Publications. Our team will work closely with you on the navigation and layout of your publications, copywriting and content, linking, multimedia content, hosting and more.

Related Services

  • Print
    • Brochures/collateral
    • Create digital equivalents of sales and marketing collateral to cater to a wider variety of viewers
    • Newsletters/manuals/catalogs
    • Create a digital version of existing publications that can be easily distributed and reprinted, on-demand, for customers and prospects 
    • Training manuals
    • Create professionally printed manuals, online content and CD/DVD study materials
  • Digital
    • Websites
    • Add high value content to a website to enhance the user experience and share information in the form of white papers and case studies 
    • Social media
    • Add high value content to your social media pages and share with followers 
    • Email marketing
    • Embed links to hosted e-Publications that lead your customer and prospects to additional online media where they can obtain value-added content